My Fitness Superpowers: Call Me Scrappy-Doo

Weeks ago we posed the questions: What’s your secret fitness superpower? And, what fitness superpower do you wish you had? Today, it’s Erin’s turn for this QOTW!

I know. It’s Scooby, not Scrappy. But there are not a lot of Scrappy stock art options.

So the other ladies have let us in on their fitness superpowers for our Question of the Week. Jenn is a kettlebell and shoulder master. Karen is all about core power, and Susan’s superpower is being stubborn — an asset for endurance events. I had to think long and hard back on my fitness life to decide on my superpower.

I thought back to playing softball and basketball throughout my childhood. Thought of my days of cheerleading all through high school. Thought of all the fitness classes I’ve taken and races I’ve done and endless workouts I’ve done at the gym. Thought of the days I’d work out on hot summer days at 5 p.m. in the heat all in the name of getting a T-shirt (and, well, seeing my future hubby). Thought of my recently installed pull-up bar and my ability to pretty quickly gain enough strength to do a pull-up. Then I thought of something Kristen said last year when the FBG team met for a group workout. I think she said something along the lines of me being scrappy. And I decided that that is my superpower: I’m scrappy as hell.

Like Susan, I have a crazy amount of stubbornness and sheer determination. And despite being clumsy by nature and awkward in Zumba, when it comes to non-dance athletic and fitness endeavors, I’m fairly coordinated. I’m aware of my body and how it works in relation to equipment and balls (har!) and the ground, so once I’m taught something, my muscles remember. And if I’m not great at something? I’m just determined to improve. And when I put my mind to something I can improve quickly.

Needs Improvement

Like any superhero, though, I’ve got flaws. I bite off more than I can chew occasionally and have to sit out from injury. I am prone to repetitive stress injuries for whatever reason. And my damn wrists are just small—like no matter how strong I am, I seriously struggle with heavy pots and pans when they’re full. My wrists just can’t take the torque!

Looking at my strength and weaknesses this way is a good way to come up with a new goal though: I need to try something new to test out my Scrappy-Dappy-Doo nature and coordination, while doing something to gain strength.

Any ideas for what I should try next?  —Erin


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  1. Hey hey – I love this. what a positive way to think about fitness!

    I’m Amy, Thighs of Thunder. I got myself some quadzillas that help me lift some seriously heavy weight since I’ve begun powerlifting in earnest. It’s funny though, I still have the wrist strength of a 90 year old granny. I can’t open jars. What!?

    It sounds like you want to get going on some strength challenges – so cool! I’m curious to find out what you pick. 😉