What’s in Jenn’s Fridge?

As we mentioned earlier this week, each Friday one of the FBGs will be answering a Question of the Week (QOTW). This week’s question? What’s in Your Fridge! So without cleaning, throwing anything away or hiding any food, we give you an inside and honest look at what’s in our fridges!


So, what’s in my fridge, you ask? Well, let’s take a gander inside…

jenns-fridgeIt’s kind of hard to see, but my old, dirty fridge has these main things in it: chicken breasts, pickles, Wholly Guacamole out the wazoo (we’re doing a review of their new products soon), Greek yogurt, almond milk, water bottles filled of alkaline water, beer (Lips of Faith for any beer snobs out there), chicken sausages, bison breakfast sausage, butter (the real kind, folks!), eggs, yeast and enough condiments and fermented Asian products to season just about any dish you could think of.

While I keep a lot of produce—apples, garlic, tomatoes, avocado, grapefruit—in bowls on the counter. I do have some other stuff in the drawers. My dirty, dirty drawers.

Kale! Sweet potatoes! Onions! Oranges! Yeah, I kind of have a love affair with produce. I am constantly keeping my buying in check though because most times my freggie-loving eyeballs are bigger than my freggie-loving stomach. Now, let’s take a look at the freezer…

Ah, yes. Totally jam-packed with goodness. Can you tell we have a membership to Costco? There’s frozen Arnold Bread and Orowheat Things, more guacamole (how awesome is it that you can freeze guac, by the way?!), broccoli, strawberries, spinach, hot dogs (for behavior training with my dog, I swear), and two containers of Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered goodness (cherries and ginger). Yeah, we’re not going hungry any time soon.

Overall, not too shabby. I obviously like my protein and would rather eat the real stuff in moderation than the fake, processed stuff (I’m talking about you, my dear friend butter!), but we didn’t have anything too unhealthy in there. We don’t have too many processed foods—except for the condiment area with some spray butter and salad dressings—and most stuff you have to cook and prepare into a meal of some kind to eat. Which can be annoying when you’re super hungry and it’s been a long day, but also a good way to force yourself to make a real meal. Or—whom am I kidding?—order pizza.

Answering this QOTW, has taught me of three things. One, that I need to clean my fridge. Like badly. Two, that I might have a condiment problem. And three, that I should really consider investing in a stand-alone freezer… —Jenn 

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  1. Wow, I really enjoy seeing your fridge because it reminds me so much of mine! My veggies are also stuffed in a dirty drawer! And I also have a condiment problem …

  2. Wow. Your fridge looks so much more organized than mine 🙁