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Pound for Pound: FBG Tish’s Chance to Pull a Sheila E.

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Post-class posing: We got our Pound rockout on!

I had been waiting for this class for MONTHS, y’all! From what I remembered from the Jamba event Jenn and I attended last year, the Pound class was mad fun. I only got to test it out for a couple of minutes, but basically I got to hit drum sticks together with gusto while I worked out. Did you catch that? I got to hit things together hard…and it had my body burning in a good way. So I reached out to creators Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom for a full class demo. Who wouldn’t want that kind of stress relief, fun and workout in one go?! I mean, I’ve always dreamed of being like Sheila E.!

I apparently did a really good job of selling the class’ bad-ass-ness because I had three fit bottomed chicks who were down to join me. Jackie (you may recognize her from this…), Jess and Renee were there with me, bright and early on a Saturday morning, ready to work up a sweat trying something new. Jackie loves spinning classes, Jess runs, and Renee is one of those endurance athletes who joined me for the Spartan race and came in seventh for women overall…and it was her first time doing that race! Basically these girls were in the same boat as I. None of us are savvy at fitness classes, which is what I was hoping for. Fresh meat always makes for a better story!

Kirsten and Cristina—the two geniuses behind the concept—met up with us right before the class, introduced themselves and the class and bid us good luck…but in a mischievous, cruel way. I knew at that point I was in trouble.

I got in one picture halfway into the class. Good thing, too! Soon after, I couldn’t pick up diddly squat!

Pound is an intense 45-minute class where you literally drum the shat out of your sticks as you lunge, squat, bend, lateral kick, bridge and sweat your brains out. Even my legs were sweating! I usually don’t break a sweat until mile one is complete when I’m running (if even then!), and I was dripping minutes into the first part of class. I looked at my friends and mouthed “I’m sooo sorry,” and then got back to work trying to keep up.

I only had one beef with the class: If you’re not coordinated or aren’t used to choreographed classes, then you might look a bit like me in this class—kicking your feet and slamming your sticks to the beat of your own tune (which aren’t going to necessarily mimic the moves the rest of the class is doing). The gals warned/reassured me this happens a lot, so I had no shame in my drummin’ game. I figured I was okay as long as I kept moving. So see, not even really a beef…more like chicken. Possibly tofurkey.

After 45 minutes of fun we were done and the girls were tired, but totally amped. We had rocked out for 45 minutes! While  jamming, I happened to look around and see that folks from the gym had stopped their workouts to see where all the fun screaming/good music/rhythmic clacking sounds were coming from. And if I were out there, I would have stopped my bench pressing, too! Pound is new, fun as heck and effective. Our legs, arms, thighs and butts were pooped.

I loved the motivational messages!

Overall, I give the gals two rock-tastic thumbs up. I hear lots of other people are equally ready to give up their thumbs, too, because this class is sprouting up everywhere in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and New York, and I don’t see them sticking to only to the coasts either. Kirsten and Cristina are traveling all over the U.S., training future instructors and talking shop with gyms. I’m trying my hardest to get my gym to start up some classes. This class is perfect for the person who hates the gym and is perfect for the person who likes to forget that they’re working out—that hates feeling like a gerbil on a wheel.

What about you? Would you be down to try such a class? Ever dream of being like Sheila E., too? —Tish

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