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Turbo Fire Phase 3: The Fire Is Officially Out!

Kelsey doing a move from the Burn Circuit DVD.

Kelsey doing a move from the Burn Circuit Turbo Fire workout DVD.

Sound the trumpets! Turbo Fire Phase 3 is complete!

It was a good phase. I was glad we adapted some of the videos and used the Burn Circuit video. But you should totally stick to the program if it’s working for you. The weight workout definitely helped me sculpt my muscles and burn more calories than previous phases. And like I mentioned in the second phase, my pants were fitting better, as were my shirts. That was definitely a nice feeling.

Laura was my partner in crime for this phase; Bernadette’s life got a little too hectic to stick it out with us, so she was absent for the bitter end. Week one into the third phase was a doozie due to our break during the holidays. We were so sore by the end of that week we could barely walk up the stairs. Ouch! It was certainly a wake-up call.

Kelsey doing a move with bands from the Turbo Fire DVDs.

Kelsey doing a move with bands from the Turbo Fire DVDs.

We had more intense HIIT workouts in this phase. Many Fire Drills ensued with those routines. Those were my least favorite portion of the program because, as I said before, they are hard to follow and I never really got the hang of them. I did my best to follow the third phase as it was laid out, but Laura and I did replace some of the lengthy workouts such as Fire 55 and Fire 45EZ with the Burn Circuit workout. We just felt like we benefited from that workout more than the others. Maybe I am a P90X girl at heart after all.

Overall, I felt like the third phase dragged out a little bit because I think Laura and I were both ready to be done and wanted to move onto something else. I’d say that some of the workouts in this phase I had to modify because my knees are not holding up well from the running I’ve done. I felt like the lower-impact workouts were better for me so that I wouldn’t hurt myself even further. I would recommend making sure you have good joints for Turbo Fire before you begin the program. There’s lots of jumping involved.

I’m glad to be done with the program, and I will continue to incorporate some of the workouts into my regular routine (Sculpting and Toning), but I will probably be okay without some of the higher-impact workouts (just  too much for my body to take). Good luck to those who are in the midst of the program!

What do you find is your favorite or least favorite part of Turbo Fire or other workout-at-home programs?  —Kelsey

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