A Reader Makes Peace With a Store — and Finds True Love With a Sports Bra

sportsbraimportanceFit Bottomed reader Jodi Danziger (you’ve seen her here!) has fallen in love … with a sports bra. So much so that for Fit Bottomed at Any Age Week she wants to shout it from the rooftops! You know, the online ones. Jodi loves working out and currently lives in Kansas City, Mo., where she is a ReMax real estate agent, works for the Grover Law firm and does the marketing and social media for Presidential Limousines. So if you’ve been looking for the perfect sports bra, read on for Jodi’s top pick!

My Love of Lululemon’s Ta Ta Tamer

I’ve been avoiding Lululemon for years. I heard that it was pricey (though amazing) and decided it was best if I just stayed away. There was no need for me to start buying expensive workout clothes. In the past, I was obsessed with Nike Dri-FIT sports bras, but after years, they had all stretched out and offered little support. I found that I could buy sports bras in my cup size (from Champion or Target), and they offered support (or so I thought). I was content buying my workout clothes on sale, from outlets or at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Then one day, everything changed.

My friend told me about her amazing new sports bra from Lululemon: the Ta Ta Tamer. Besides loving the name, I have to admit, her boobs looked good in the bra. (Hey, you know you check out your friends’ boobs!). She told me the price (gulp, $58), but I mentally prepared myself, and I got excited to get the new sports bra later that week. I deserved it. I’d started up running, was training for a 10K, and my boobs DID need support. (Yes, I had to remind myself that I COULD afford the $58 bra and that it was okay to splurge.)

I purchased my new Ta Ta Tamer (I’ll save you the long story of my visit; just know it ended well!) and was excited to try it out! My first experience was a four-mile run. For the first mile or two, I forgot it was even on and that I was “testing” to see how amazing it was. Talk about support! As a girl with bigger boobs (36D), I love that it comes in cup sizes and offers great support. It has adjustable straps and four rows of clips to adjust to the best fit for you.

Needless to say, I now have THREE Ta Ta Tamers, two tanks and one pair of socks from Lululemon. I get it. I’m addicted. I have already put many of my old sports bras in the donation pile. It really is important to have a quality sports bra. I can’t believe I let myself “cheapen out” the last few years!

A big thanks to Jodi for sharing her love story! Have you ever had a similar shopping experience? Do you “splurge” more on the support you need as you get older and wiser?  —Jenn


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  1. After jumping around in the store dressing room, I have to admit I was not a fan of the ta-ta tamer. But from one busty girl to another (36DD here) I am a HUGE fan of Lululemon’s Booby Bracer. Unfortunately, it comes in at an even steeper price, but I think it’s well worth it!

  2. I’ve been stalking the Ta Ta Tamer online, and finally got to scope it out in the store (the price tag is still a little frightening). I’m glad you wrote this, because the salesperson wasn’t incredibly helpful. :-/ She did show me another sports bra that was a hardcore compression sports bra, but that looked pretty intimidating.

    Thanks for sharing your review! Isn’t it so amazing to find a sports bra that you can jump around in without worrying about popping out?!

  3. I find all of lululemon’s sports bras don’t have enough support for running (I’m 34D). If I want a quality sports bra Moving Comfort (now owned by Brooks) is my go-to. They have such a wide selection and none of those hook on straps that sometimes shift out of place. Lululemon is great for other workout clothes though.