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21 Reasons You Should Work Out Today


We’ve been telling you all week that You Can Do It and today we’re sharing with you why you should do it. Behold, 21 amazing and motivating reasons why you should get your fitness on today — some are scientific facts, some are just fit bottomed universal truths. All will inspire you to get moving today!

  1. A chance to listen to your favorite tunes. More specifically, your favorite guilty pleasure tunes.
  2. Runner’s high.
  3. An opportunity to channel your inner Beyoncé.
  4. A reason to talk to your workout buds about sweat, poop, chafing and other fun yet usually TMI topics without a second thought.
  5. It strengthens your ticker.
  6. The best ideas/thoughts always come to you during a workout.
  7. Exercise helps with PMS.
  8. Cute apparel.
  9. Knowing what it feels like to push yourself.
  10. Workouts help you sleep better.
  11. Workouts can be really freakin’ fun. (Zumba, anyone?)
  12. It boosts creativity and productivity.
  13. Workouts fight unhealthy food cravings. (And sometimes even give you a reason to carb-load!)
  14. It makes you feel like a bad-ass.
  15. Exercise gives you energy.
  16. It reduces your risk of pretty much every chronic disease, by a lot.
  17. You can incorporate it into your reality TV watching. Or sports watching.
  18. Unlike the hairstyle you chose in junior high, you’ll never regret a workout.
  19. It’ll boost blood flow to all your areas, meaning — ahem — a better time in the sack.
  20. You’re less likely to get sick.
  21. Because you can.

Why will you work out today? —Jenn

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