Is a Marathon on Your List of Goals?

Credit: artfulblogger

Never say never and all that jazz, but I can honestly say that as of now—January 16, 2010—I have little to no desire to ever run a marathon. That's not to say I'm not impressed with those who accomplish that mega-feat because I AM. A huge pat on the back and FBG congrats to Jenn and Tish on their …
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An Important Message from the First Lady…and Elmo


First Lady Michelle Obama landed on Sesame Street to bring an important message to all: the importance of healthy eating, exercise and reading. Three of the FBGs favorite things! She further emphasizes parents' roles in adopting healthy habits themselves to set a good example for young'uns . Sounds …
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FitLinks: Week of Jan. 11, 2010

Credit: Orin Zebest

On this wintry day, pull up a chair, a big mug of hot cocoa (with marshmallows!) and these great links from around the World Wide Web! If you're snowed in and can't walk around the block, let alone get the gym, try this no-equipment workout that you can do at home! —Peak 20 Workout If you …
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Ahoy, Soy!

Credit: House Of Sims

Potential good news has arrived for soy-loving breast cancer survivors. While doctors have often warned breast cancer patients to avoid soy products, they're now saying that the legume may have some major benefits for cancer sufferers. A new study showed that women with breast cancer who ate more …
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Notes from the Crib

CribNotes front cover

While neither Jenn nor I have children yet, we love to share baby and parenting fitness information with the fit bottomed moms in our audience. So when we came across Crib Notes: A Candid Look at Conception, Pregnancy, and Parenthood, we'd thought we'd pass it along. The author knows how tough it …
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Numbers Game


2,931 calories, 26.2 miles, 5 hours, 27 minutes and 26 seconds Below is Tish's account of the big 26.2—both pre-marathon and post—that Jenn blogged about yesterday and they completed together on Sunday. Plus, the five things she learned training and running a marathon! Tish …
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Airport Edibles

Jenn and I love to travel, so when the savvy ladies over at See Jane Fly asked if we wanted to partner up with them, we jumped at the chance! We will be sharing some of our fitness-related travel items with SJF, and they will be sharing some of their health-related travel content with us.  If you've …
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I Can Do Anything—I Ran a Marathon

The magical prize!

  I thought long and hard about this post's title. The last time I hit a major fitness milestone, I was proud but kind of flippant about what I had accomplished. Yes, it was hard and I was taxed, but I never had a "Come to Jesus" moment. Not like yesterday. Not like last week. Not like …
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