Thanksgiving Calories (and How to Torch ‘Em)

Thanksgiving calories

After our Halloween infographic, a few people told us they wish they hadn't see that information; they'd never be able to look at a Snickers bar the same way again. And, you know, there are two sides to that. First, you should never feel like you need to burn off every calorie you consume, so it …
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907 Reasons Your Metabolism Does Not Work Like Math

metabolism math

 Jonathan Bailor, the author of The Smarter Science of Slim, is becoming a regular here on this site because we just can't get enough of his good scientifically backed info! First he shared with us how a calorie is not just a calorie, then he broke down sugar addiction with tips on how to break it. …
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Four Reasons Why a Calorie Is Not a Calorie

happy carrot

We hear this all the time: a calorie is a calorie! But turns out, according to the latest research, it's just not quite that simple. (This is just another reason why we think obsessive calorie counting is for the birds!) Don't believe us? Jonathan Bailor, the author of The Smarter Science of Slim, …
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