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Things to Be Grateful For: What We’re Giving Thanks For This Year

FBGGivingThanksLife may have its ups and downs, but dang if it isn’t great to be alive. We all have so much to be thankful for—no matter where we live, what we do and how much we weigh. So this Thanksgiving, just as we did last Thanksgiving, the FBGs are sharing what we’re giving thanks for this year. Nothing super philosophical or anything—just the small and big stuff that we’re thankful for. Hopefully our list inspires things for you to be grateful for, too! (And no, we didn’t look at each others’ lists before we wrote ours. We’re all just that alike!)

FBG Erin Is Grateful for…

1. The people in my life! From my dearest hubby to my daughter to my pug, the rest of my relations and friends near and far, life is more wonderful because of all of the wonderful peeps I love (and who love me back!).

2. Sleep. My daughter now sleeps through the night, and not just the five-hour stretch that is considered “sleeping through the night.” We’re talking 12-hour stretches. If I didn’t have to get up to pee in the night because of baby No. 2, my sleep would be amazing!

3. A healthy pregnancy. I’m a little over halfway through pregnancy No. 2, and I’m so thankful that everything is mostly smooth sailing so far.

4. Coffee. Although I’m sleeping better, I’m making up for months of sleep deprivation, so my morning coffee is a must. It’s such a warm way to start the day!

5. My fireplace. Nothing cozier than throwing a log on the fire on a Friday night and relaxing!

FBG Jenn Is Grateful for…

1. Bob Harper. This really doesn’t need an explanation.

2. My family. This includes my hubs, those I’m related to, friends, my dog and the FBG team. They all rock.

3. French Press. Have you had it? Best. Coffee. Ever.

4. My healthy body. I take care of it, and it takes care of me!

5. Boots in winter. They’re just so cozy.

FBG Kristen Is Grateful for…

1. Cooler weather. I’m finally inspired to run some longer distances again.

2. Twitter. I’m continually amazed and motivated by the people I follow.

3. Nail polish. I might be dirty and sweaty and gross after a workout, but when my nails are pretty, I still feel like a girl.

4. Chocolate milk. It’s a great recovery drink but also tastes great in the morning when I just need something in my belly.

5. A flexible schedule but steady work, which I happen to love. How many people can say that?

FBG Tish Is Grateful for…

1. My iPad, Stella Moon. I downloaded countless recipes, health and fitness apps, as well as two books I’ve read and reviewed for FBG. She’s a handheld blessing.

2. My family (both blood-related and not). This year I’ve solidified some pretty snazzy friendships with people who shower me with love, support and kindness.

3. Chelsea Settles. I love her show and watching her very public struggle with weight, health and fitness. I love finding legit role models from TV…hard to find, those types.

4. Pumpkin Spice Silk soymilk. That ish is the bomb! Finally a treat for my little lactose-intolerant bottom!

5. The townhome my boyfriend and I just moved into. It’s spacious and beautiful and HOME.

Your turn! This Thanksgiving, tell us: What things are you grateful for? —Jenn

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