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fittiesWhen the FBGs love something, they l-o-v-e it and want to tell the world! So it’s no wonder that after a year of blogging, the FBGs decided to award their fave fitness products with the coveted Fitties.

Then, in FBGs’ second year in the blogosphere, the gals added Noshies to the FBG award list, giving extra love to all the food products out there that are healthy but don’t taste like it. In 2013, the Noshies were moved over to Fit Bottomed Eats, its fitting new home.

Both sets of awards are given out during FBGs’ anniversary week each May. Check out the past winners below:

2019 Awards

2018 Awards

2017 Awards

2016 Awards

2015 Awards

2014 Awards

2013 Awards

2012 Awards

2011 Awards

2010 Awards

2019 Awards

Have a product that you think deserves a spot on the Fitties or Noshies list? Send us an email at contact@fitbottomedgirls.comand tell us all about it!

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