7 Workouts to Kick Your Fit Bottomed Dude’s Butt

sport climbing man on a natural stone wallSometimes workout DVDs and other female-targeted fitness products get a bad rap by guys. Since they’re designed for girls, they assume it’ll be easy and, well, girlie. I’d have to say that some of the time, they’re right. But in some cases, they are wrong, wrong, wrong. Read on for seven fitness products that’ll give any guy a workout that’ll leave him screaming like a girl.

1. Any workout with Jillian Michaels. I don’t care if it’s the 30 Day Shred, a The Biggest Loser workout DVD or her most recent titles, Rock and Roll Motorcycle (as my husbandfondly calls her) will kick your booty no matter what shape you’re in—and what chromosomes you have.

2. Functional fitness. You may have heard some of the buzz about functional fitness lately, and the TRX is the best functional fitness tool/workout system that we’ve come across. It’s not overly expensive, you can hang it on a door, and it gives you a helluva full-body core-centric workout. Need proof? We gave it a Fittie. Oh, and New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees trains on it.

3. Go for a “climb.” Climbing is a fantastic full-body workout. But not everyone has access to rock-climbing walls or cliffs to scamper up. And that’s where the Treadwall from Brewer’s Ledge comes in handy. A few minutes on this puppy, and you’ll burn—like crazy.

4. Read a book (and get hella competitive). If you or your dude has had a hard time losing weight or getting in regular workouts, then this Game On Diet is the solution. It harnesses the power of competition, and no guy likes to lose. Unless it’s that beer belly…

5. Get to know Mindy and Cathe. These ladies could probably bench you. Or at least they look like they could and have created DVDs that go beyond what’s normally done in the house. Mindy Mylrea and Cathe Friedrich workouts are full-out body building, muscle-pumping, sweat-inducing fitness fests. Enjoy!

6. Get your bell rung. Working out with kettlebells is no joke. In fact, a kettlebell looks like a cannonball with a handle. And have been used for years by Russians to get really, really, scary strong. Again, no joke.

7. Strip. No really. Take those clothes off. And swing around this pole. It’s way harder than it looks and is sure to give your core a major workout. Might even get you more play in the bedroom, if your skills are good.

What’s the hardest workout you’ve done, boys? And, ladies, tell us: what workout can the men not keep up with you on? —Jenn

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  1. Courtney says:

    P90x!! My boyfriend made fun of me for doing it saying it was a girls workout. I got him to do plyometrics with me and he ate his words!

  2. You’re exactly right with the kettlebell and TRX advice. For guys and gals, picking up heavy things and engaging your entire body in every exercise is the ticket- No sitting down, no fancy machines, and no isolating muscles.

    For ultimate he-manly-ness(or she-womanly-ness), get a trainer to teach the Olympic lifts to you. Nothing better to impress yourself or the opposite sex than heaving a weight from the floor to overhead in one movement.
    Positive Massage Therapy

  3. katrina m says:

    i’ve noticed a difference in myself and my husband when we work out together, and i’m wondering if it’s a men/women thing or if we’re just opposites, haha.

    my husband likes to do things really hard for short periods of time, like lifting really heavy weights a reps, or running really fast for a short period of time and then walking. when he tried doing jillian’s no more trouble zones with me it was rough on him, because it was a long period of constantly working, unlike the short hard bursts he’s used to. i on the other hand live up some jillian michaels on a regular basis, and do things like run 4 miles.

    what do you think, is this a gender thing, or just us???

  4. I may be the only anti-Jillian on your blog. There are so many contra-indicated exercises in her videos, bad-form and on the show, down-right dangerous things she does both TO and WITH the contestants. And thats not just my opinion, check out the most informed Strength experts out there, Mike Boyle, Robert Dos Remedios etc – these people know there stuff for sure! And don’t get me on her diet pills – PLEASE!!! do you all hate me now? I hope not, its just my opinion.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE kettlebells and TRX this is the way to get the most out of your workouts, build up lean muscle tissue and use your time effectively.

    OK Over and Out and still smiling 🙂